Stontex Colour Intensifier

  • Stontex Colour Intensifier
£163.62 + Vat


Seals, Protects and enhanced natural stone hues! Colour Intensifier is a solvent based colour enhancer and impregnator that penetrates into the surface of the stone to protect against oil and water based stains. It can be applied to grout, tumbled marble, limestone, slate, quarry tiles, sandstone & most types of masonry surfaces. This product is UV resistant and does not yellow. Not recommended for use on highly polished, glazed/ceramic and non-porous surfaces. Colour Intensifier can be applied 48hrs after installation process.

✔ For use on all types of natural stone surfaces
✔ Protects against most common staining on stone
✔ Enhances natural colour & texture
✔ Internal & external use

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